Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards is the author of the best-selling book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments.”  His company, First Cornerstone Group, LLC is a real estate education and marketing company which enables both new and experienced real estate investors to accelerate their path to financial independence thru small apartment investing, using other people’s money.  Houston Business Journal recognized Lance’s company as the 13th fastest growing private company in Houston, Texas.

But it all started for Lance in 2002 when he discovered real estate investing as a supplemental income source to his full-time and demanding corporate job. Thanks to his mentor’s advice, Lance skipped the traditional route of single family and started instead with multi-family.  His first purchase was a four-unit small apartment building which he purchased nothing-down and with 100% seller-financing.  No bank was involved.

Over the next 2 ½ years he purchased and flipped 50 more properties, part-time – all using other people’s money.  Within three years of his part-time start in small apartments, Lance was able to retire from his twenty-year job in 2005, and focus on real estate investing full-time.   Lance has personally done apartment deals ranging in size from three units to nearly 300 units.

Since 2007, he’s also taught and mentored thousands nationwide on how to get started in small apartment investing (2-30 units), using none of their own cash or credit and with no prior experience.  Lance teaches, “start small and then scale-up to mid-size and large apartments.”

Whether wholesaling or buying, his student success stories are those of everyday people, mostly beginners, who’s very first real estate deal was a small apartment building.

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Randy Luebke

Randy is a Registered Financial Consultant and an Independent Fiduciary Advisor, and he works mainly with business owners, real estate investors, CPA’s and attorneys, providing them with his unique and proprietary, real estate integrated and self-directed financial planning system called, The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan (sm).

In doing this for over 30 years, Randy says,…

“What I’ve found is that my best clients have one thing in common, which is, every single day they struggle because they want more.  Not because their greedy.  They just want more time and more money, to do more of the things they really enjoy.  They want to spend more time with the people love and give more money to the causes they care about most.  They struggle, because they want less stress and more fulfilment in their busy lives and, frankly, who doesn’t?

Essentially, I’m no different.  I’ve been an independent entrepreneur for most of my adult life and, over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have learned a lot through both my experiences and my training.  So now, I teach my clients how to do the things that have helped me to improve my life, so I can help them to improve theirs.

I mentioned that I am a Registered Financial Consultant and an Independent Fiduciary Advisor.  This combination makes me very different from most other financial advisors.  In fact, I am one of the “1 percenters” that Tony’s Robbins wrote about in his book, “Unshakable.”  In this book, Tony describes a unique and very small sub-set of financial advisors, like me.  Not an exact quote, but Tony writes, “…as of 2018, out of the 308,937 advisors, only 31,000 are Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR’s) working under a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).  Of these IAR/RIA’s, throughout the entire United States, only 3,000 are Independent Fiduciary Investment Advisors,” and I am one of them.

A fiduciary is legally required to give advice that is in their clients’ best interest.  While most people would assume that all advisors do this, the fact is, that’s not the way it works.  Instead, most advisors, the other 99%, work for a broker-dealer and they are legally bound to put their employer’s best interest first, ahead of their clients’.  Now, sometimes those interests align and sometimes they don’t.  The problem is, you just don’t know.

Another potential problem with the broker-dealer model is their legal “standard” for advice, which is referred to as “suitability”.  Again, most people believe they understand what suitability means, but they really don’t.  Suitability means that, if the client can sustain an investment loss, then the advisor can recommend it.  It does not matter if it’s a good investment.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the right thing to do.  All that matters is that, if the client can take the financial hit, then the broker-dealer representative can recommend it.  If something goes wrong, the advisor can’t be sued.  That is how suitability actually works.

Conversely, as an “Independent Fiduciary Advisor” my legal standard for advice is called, “best interest“.  Sadly, most people believe that all financial advisors are giving advice that is in the client’s best interest.  This is big mistake as, again, 99% of the advisors are only held to a standard of suitability.

By the way, while working as an IAR under an RIA vs. a broker-dealer is potentially a good thing, this doesn’t mean that they are serving as an independent fiduciary investment advisor.  Again, according to Tony Robbins, 27,000 IAR’s work under a broker-dealer too.  That is literally the financial services equivalent to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  Why?  Because, you really don’t know which hat they are wearing.  More importantly, you never know whose “best interest” they are serving when they provide you with their advice.  Are they serving you, or their broker-dealer?  It’s almost impossible to know.  By the way, it’s not that the traditional broker-dealer advisors are bad people.  There are many very good people working for broker-dealers.  It’s just a bad system, because of all the potential conflicts of interest.

Another problem with the broker-dealer model is that, for most business owners, real estate investors and homeowners, their biggest asset isn’t their stock portfolio.  It’s their business and/or their real estate that tops their list.  Plus, most everyone has debt; business loans, mortgages and, of course, taxes to deal with.  The problem here is that those other advisors have little knowledge, experience or skill in helping their clients with any these very important components of their financial wellbeing.  In fact, most other financial advisors are actually prohibited from giving advice in these critically important areas.

Frankly, we feel that all of this is simply wrong.  So, we’ve developed a Better, Smarter, Safer Way to help our clients achieve their financial goals.  It’s called, The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm and this is how it works.

First, we believe that our clients’ best interest should always come first.  We accomplish this by always serving as an Independent Fiduciary Advisor with no broker-dealer and no conflicts of interest.

Second, we believe that financial planning is not just about stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Of course, we use them, but we help our clients to manage all their assets and not just some of them; including their real estate and their businesses.  We also manage their liabilities, as well as their income and their expenses, including their taxes.

Finally, we don’t simply advise; we consult, coach, mentor and, ultimately, we provide complete financial oversight and become involved with every aspect of our clients’ finances.  We accomplish this, by helping our clients form a team of financial professionals, all experts in their respective disciplines.  We are the experts with investment and finance, and we collaborate with attorneys and CPA’s to provide asset protection, tax and estate planning.

Previously, I said that all my best clients have one thing in common, in that they struggle because they want more time and money to do the things they enjoy and to live a less stressful and a more fulfilling life.  In reality, our best clients generally have two things in common.  They also have a future that is bigger than their past.  Our best clients have big dreams and big goals and we love them for that because, we leverage their current success to make those dreams a reality.

We accomplish this by helping them to develop a clear vision of their future using a tool we call The Leveraged SMART Plan.  With this process, along with our other unique and proprietary systems and our team behind them, our clients don’t need to be disciplined and force themselves to do all the hard work needed to achieve their goals.  Frankly, we don’t view discipline as a long-term solution, anyway, because while discipline can get your started, it generally won’t see you through to the end.  Discipline works like a flashlight.  You turn it on, and it works instantly.  Eventually, often way too quickly, it runs out of power.  When this happens with your financial plans, you become distracted or discouraged and/or give up altogether.

On the other hand, because our clients know what they want and they have our team to help them get it done, now desire takes over.  Desire is a much stronger, long-lasting and more powerful emotion.  Desire works like two magnets pulling you toward your goals.  The closer the magnets become, the stronger the pull.  Eventually, you cannot keep the magnets apart.  With a future bigger than their past and a plan to make that future a reality combined with our unique systems and strategies, our team and, their desire to get it done, like those magnets, now our clients become unstoppable in their pursuit of achieving their goals.

At the end of the day, our goal is not simply about helping people with their money.  Our goal is to help our clients to improve their lives by helping them create a clear path to better future.  We work with them as a financial consultant, advisor, coach and mentor to make that future a reality.  We have a unique and proprietary process, The 4×4 Financial Independence Plan sm to guide us and, we make it simple.  We help our clients to stay focused on what needs to be done, eliminate the things that are unnecessary and, most importantly, we show them how to leverage their current success so they can have more of the things that matter most and live the life they really want; a life with less stress, more fulfilment.”

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