Episode Twenty-Four: Do I Wait to Buy Real Estate with Economic Uncertainty?

In this episode:

We all know the real estate market is changing. In this episode, Lance and Randy share why these changes are creating a fantastic opportunity. However, the current market requires the investor to “be smart.” Learn tactics to “buy smartly” and discover why this is an optimal time to buy small apartments.

Highlights from the interview:

02:09 What does buying “smartly” mean?

04:27 Lance states his exact phrasing to get seller financing in a deal.

06:10 Randy shares his perspective on buying real estate now.

08:25 Lance talks about adjustable-rate mortgages and their impact in today’s market.

09:27 Randy shares two “rules of thumb” when investing in real estate.

10:25 Lance discusses a CBRE chart of home values for the last 60 years and what this report says about buying real estate now.

13:35 Randy and Lance offer their opinions about mortgage rates.

14:45 Lance reveals the fundamentals of buying property smartly.

15:09 Randy and Lance talk about the win-win of seller financing.

18:10 Why buying and selling real estate is not just about price.

20:38 Lance reveals how to create forced appreciation.


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