Episode Twenty-Two: The 4 D’s – How to Simplify Your Day to Do Less and Get More Done

In this episode:

Most people’s time is consumed by meaningless tasks, junk mail, and inappropriate use of their skills. Randy’s secret to simplifying your life, making better use of your time, and being more effective is implementing the “4Ds.”

Highlights from the interview:

00:56 Lance asks Randy, “What is the first “D” in the “4Ds.”

Randy and Lance describe the hows and whys of the 4Ds:

01:05 D1 is “Don’t do it!”

02:40 D2 is “Delegate it!”

05:08 D3 is “Do it now!” Randy says to use the 2-minute rule. Lance’s requirement is “don’t touch it twice.”

07:00 D4 is “Delay it.” Randy explains that this is not the same as procrastination. Instead, it is “purposeful delaying.”

08:02 Lance summarizes the tactics described so far.

08:28 Lance adds an additional practice to simplify your day and be more productive.

09:20 Lance recommends a book, “Atomic Habits.” He quotes, “We don’t rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our habits.”


Recommended reading: “Atomic Habits,” by James Clear to learn about habits and behavioral change.

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